£25.00 Congestion Charge

  computerboy1000 13:05 13 Feb 08

What do you think about paying £25.00 for some cars, i think it is a great idea

  tullie 13:07 13 Feb 08

Thats because you dont have to pay it,why is it a great idea otherwise?Maybe when you get your license you may have a different view.

  anskyber 13:10 13 Feb 08

Great idea, it can be raised again for my liking.

  Totally-braindead 13:18 13 Feb 08

I don't have a car so won't end up paying it but why is the answer always to Tax something? I mean has this sort of Tax or whatever actually ever managed to reduce anything? In my opinion all that happens is people moan a great deal about it and pay it but it doesn't stop them so whats the point.

  computerboy1000 13:22 13 Feb 08

i can't drive yet i'm only 15 !!! wish i could

  tullie 13:31 13 Feb 08

I am led to believe that these congestion charges have had little effect,just revenue from the motorist and of course the consumer.

  Quickbeam 13:31 13 Feb 08

I recently suggested that this would happen with cars as well as commercials. Some bloke on the forum thought I was being sensationally conspiratorial with wild and idle speculations though...

I must admit though, that my prediction is 5 years sooner to becoming a reality than I would have thought last month.

  anskyber 13:40 13 Feb 08

The "some bloke" was me and I'm afraid you are still wrong.

The Congestion Charges always had an emissions banding with discounts for lower emission vehicles.

The Low Emissions Zone is something else and it does not include cars in spite of what you are trying to assert. click here

Try and check your facts first.

  wee eddie 17:02 13 Feb 08

Register you vehicle as a Hire Car and you pay no Congestion Charge!

  Forum Editor 17:06 13 Feb 08

from someone with an inappropriate username, and that made it necessary to delete other posts that referred. My apologies to those concerned.

  Forum Editor 17:12 13 Feb 08

almost every day when I'm here, and two things strike me:

1. Since its introduction it has had a remarkable effect on traffic volumes within the zone. I've been driving in central London for many years, and the difference is very obvious.

2. The increased charge for 4x4s and some sports cars is no great surprise, and inevitable. I hope it has the desired effect.

3. Anyone who thinks that big cities can just sail on regardless as far as traffic volumes are concerned is out of touch with reality, I'm afraid. I'm a big supporter of congestion charging, even though I have to fork out considerable amounts each year.

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