24Mbs Broadband !

  ezypcy 10:39 04 Sep 06

Anyone thinking of trying this provider for 24Mbs speed?
click here

  ezypcy 10:51 04 Sep 06

A quick price guide table for internet access click here

  lisa02 11:21 04 Sep 06

Interesting advert quite the opposite of Carphone Warehouse!

  CurlyWhirly 19:58 04 Sep 06

I'm thinking of making the jump to ADSL2+ but if I'm not going to see much speed increase on my longish line then I may not bother!

The price does seem competitive though.

  Jackcoms 20:39 04 Sep 06

I hope that it's not an indication of their service - but that was one of the slowest loading sites I've come across in a long time

  wky 21:39 04 Sep 06


site loaded fast for me, even though I'm downloading. hmm.

Very competitive, although the business line costs loads!

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