The 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

  user8 10:09 12 May 09

For more info on the 2009 contest click here

  Quickbeam 10:45 12 May 09


  john bunyan 10:46 12 May 09

The whole thing is a waste of time - votes are cast on a regional bias basis. May as well have the competition with old records, or even have the votes with no singing.

  octal 12:50 12 May 09

It should be retitled The Balkans Song Contest and be done with it.

  octal 12:52 12 May 09

I'll just add that our entry sounds really good, pity, maybe too good for this sort of thing.

  tullie 09:57 13 May 09

Do people actually watch this rubbish?Own up now!

  WhiteTruckMan 11:20 13 May 09

without the togmeister.


  Forum Editor 18:00 13 May 09

will be glued to the screen. I suspect it will be for the last time, owing to the absence of our usual Eurovision host.

I can't stand the song contest or Terry, so I will at least be spared 50% of the usual agony. Mind you, with Graham Norton taking his place I might soon be yearning for the inimitable Sir Tel's return.

As for the winner - well, with Jade being described thus in her biography:-

"Jade has the technical prowess of Whitney and Mariah, the classical timelessness of Diana Ross and the eternal cool of Donna Summer." it must be in the bag, mustn't it?

  AL47 18:16 13 May 09

it was funny when wogan got wasted while it was on, and seeing the other drunken over seas announcers, thats all

  octal 19:47 13 May 09

OK,OK, I'll admit that I'll probably be watching it, I've dusted off the Octoshape plugin so that I can watch it on line.

That's my street cred ruined :(

  laurie53 07:48 14 May 09

Don't have Wogan's tolerance so gave up watching some years ago.

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