the 1p air fare

  1911 00:01 17 Jun 07

I think the goverment has a cheek trying to make the low fare airlines show the full cost of bdfare in their advertising. I have had a good few flights for 1p and 1c but the cost has been put up by Goverment Tax and Landing fees. In other words you give the airline 1p and the Goverment taxes you £15.

  1911 00:02 17 Jun 07

bd ??

  Jak_1 00:20 17 Jun 07

What point are you trying to make? I want to see the full cost before purchasing a ticket.

  georgemac © 08:21 17 Jun 07

I can see the point - the airlines want to show how cheap their flights are, the government wants to "hide" the taxes.

It's simple - the airline shows the full price including taxes, and in a different box shows you how much taxes and airport charges are. BA do this.

It is very annoying for consumers seeing a price, continuing with the booking process then seeing the taxes added at the end.

  Cymro. 11:41 17 Jun 07

Is it the government who charge for landing fees? I always though it was the people who actually

own the airports, The British Airport Authority or what ever they are called these days.

I did not know the airports were still a nationalized industry.

  1911 12:04 17 Jun 07

I use Ryanair and after you put in the date two clicks and you get the full price. Not exactly rocket science. They do show you the tax in a seperate box. What realy annoys me is the goverment going to court and spending my money on something as stupid as this.

  spuds 12:44 17 Jun 07

I have yet to buy an air travel ticket for 1p or any similar low fare. Seen them advertised, but never been the case at final payment :O(

  Si_L 13:18 17 Jun 07

How far can 1p get you? Anywhere exotic?

  Kate B 15:35 17 Jun 07

The aim is to make the cost of the ticket clear, regardless of where the costs come from. In fact you'd be incredibly lucky to get one of those very low fares: they're promotional loss-leaders. Airfares are a dark art, carefully managed to extract the maximum yield from a flight, and a few cheap tickets is more than made up for by the tickets people end up buying regardless of the fact that they can't get a cheapie.

  Jak_1 16:10 17 Jun 07

I booked my flight to Mallorca 8 weeks ago for £110, 0720 flight on a Monday morning returning 8 days later with BMI Baby, cost £112 inc tax and landing fees etc. Looked at the same flight today and it's now £141.

  Jak_1 16:11 17 Jun 07

PS, the price quoted is exactly the price I paid, no hidden extras.

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