1966 and all that

  Legolas 20:11 06 Feb 08

I am watching the Engaaland friendly against Switzerland and the commentator managed to mention 1966 before the game had even kicked off. That must be a record.

So to get my revenge I will remind everyone that the following year Scotland beat England 3-2 at Wembley and if I remember right Jim Baxter toyed with the English players, at one point sitting on the ball for a rest as the English players couldn't take it off him ;)

So of course that made Scotland the unofficial world champions ;))

  Kev.Ifty 20:19 06 Feb 08

Has Scotland played any football since then?


  Jak_1 20:20 06 Feb 08

Where's that? :)

  Legolas 20:24 06 Feb 08

Seriously though this is a friendly and yet both teams are playing with only one attacker. Why not play an open attacking game and give the long suffering fans something to enjoy. If you get beat so what it is a friendly after all.

  Kev.Ifty 20:34 06 Feb 08

The England fish is getting smaller and the pond is getting bigger. Everyone is scared stiff that England will lose, now that we have this Italian bloke in charge.

What we need is a few Italian players and maybe some of them Sicilian 'financial backers'. Then we would be laughing.


  mammak 20:42 06 Feb 08


Where's that? :)"

click here

does that put you in the picture :-) lol

  Bapou 23:00 06 Feb 08

Your mention of Jim Baxter, conjures up great memories for me as a Sunderland supporter. Big Yogi himself, a master craftsman who was a joy to watch.

Problem was, he was never a 'team' player. Not only could the opposing side not get the ball off him, he was reluctant to give it back to one of his teammates.

That never bothered us though, it was just fun watching him embarrass the opposing defence.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:33 07 Feb 08

on a map of the world.

click here

No joy yet...


  newman35 05:43 07 Feb 08

Here's my advice for watching the Ingerland games - switch the sound OFF. Motson sounds Soooo much better that way and you don't get his inane pro-Ingerlander comments thrust down your throat every second minute.

Wasn't it a Scottish team who first brought the European Cup to the UK?

  Quickbeam 06:20 07 Feb 08

Why aren't the Welsh insulted on this map... was there some collaboration from a Welsh cartographer perhaps...?

  Pine Man 08:25 07 Feb 08

'Here's my advice for watching the Ingerland games - switch the sound OFF'

All football is best on the radio with the sound switched off!!

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