Alan-Petrie 23:59 19 Jun 09

Who else has read the story of the woman who was fined $1.92million for downloading 24 songs and finds this insanity.

  Si_L 00:01 20 Jun 09

Link please

  Alan-Petrie 00:02 20 Jun 09
  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:04 20 Jun 09
  Alan-Petrie 00:09 20 Jun 09

wasnt sure what you were linking me to ;)
or if u were just showing off you're fancy google trick lol

but I find it cruel that she could be fined that much as she is never going to be able to pay it.

  Forum Editor 00:42 20 Jun 09

If she uses her common sense she won't have to. The copyright holder will agree to settle for a fraction of the total.

  Armchair 12:44 20 Jun 09

They're making an example of her, in an effort to scare everyone else who does that.

IIRC a recent estimate suggested that seven million UK PC users download music/movies/games for free via P2P torrenting.


Do you think these people will ever be brought to justice?

If not, is there any practical reason why everyone shouldn't go ahead and download music etc. in the same way?

  Alan-Petrie 14:13 20 Jun 09

I think virgin may have the best chance of solving the illegal downloading, They're launching a new service sometime that will alow customers to download as much music as they want for a set fee. The only problem is there will always be people who download illegally it’s just a fact of life.

  Kevscar1 15:02 20 Jun 09

Not everyone but would you be willing to risk being the next one caught.
If the British Criminal Courts handed out massive penalties like this I bet there would be a significant drop in crime.

  Armchair 17:33 20 Jun 09

I don't P2P, and not just because I don't want to get caught (not that that seems to bother the 7 million or whatver who do it, plus the remaining millions who get copies from them).

Music:- I have everything I want on CD already, and it's extremely rare that I hear anything new that I like.

DVDs:- Again, I have most of my favourite films and tv programmes already, and I hire any new stuff from the library, or (rarely, these days) go to see it at the cinema). DVDs have come done in price anyway. I've bought loads for £2 or £3.

Games:- Continue to do what I've been doing for the last twenty years or so. Namely, buy them second hand for not much, or new for not much either. I am a budget gamer par excellence.

Application software:- Now this does bug me a little. I'm doing an ECDL atm, which involves learning to use Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint. I have Word (bundled with this PC), but not the others. Their prices are ridiculous. Ho hum.

  interzone55 18:29 20 Jun 09

She wasn't downloading the tracks, she'd placed them on Kazaa so others could download them, and this is why she was taken to court.

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