17 pages .....

  Clapton is God 29 Apr 11

I had to turn over before I got to the REAL news in the morning paper today.

The first

  Clapton is God 29 Apr 11

Try again

The first 16 pages were dedicated to this damned event at Westminster Abbey today.

  SparkyJack 29 Apr 11

There is real news in news papers?

News to me

That is why I do not buy them

I flick through one when the opportunity occurs such at my friends home or at the gym whilst 'chilling' in the coffee bar after the workout/spa session.

  buteman 29 Apr 11

Remember to close your other duplicate thread.Just press the tick on the right hand side. Mind you I do not think you can close it unless someone answers it first.

  SparkyJack 29 Apr 11

I do not think you can close it unless someone answers it first. So that's why I have some open threads - no one answered- So I cant click it done with- doomed to be forever unresponded to- fix needed

  spider9 29 Apr 11


Just log in with one of your other 'guises' and put an answer, then return and 'end it'.

  gengiscant 29 Apr 11

And you were expecting what exactly in the papers today?

  SparkyJack 29 Apr 11


Just log in with one of your other 'guises' and put an answer, then return and 'end it'.

Oh I wish I could

The reason I have this guise is because a change in ISP- when I attempted to update it was blocked with the message 'User name already in use

I know its me - but there you are the vagaries of forums[it has happened in similar situations elsewhere.

On one occasion when I contacted the moderator- the response was- [when asked for former and new detail- 'You do not appear on our data base'

Yet I had been in contact every day for more than 10 years.


  Forum Editor 29 Apr 11

the first 16 pages were dedicated to this damned event at Westminster Abbey today.

Believe it or not, millions of people are actually interested in what you cynically refer to as "this damned event", as is a worldwide TV audience in excess of a billion people.

You obviously couldn't care less, but it's an indication of how,in an increasingly humdrum 21st century there are vast numbers of people who realise that nobody does pageantry better than the British, and they want to witness it.

As for "real news" - the wedding will be front-page news on newspapers all over the world. Happy news beats miserable news hands down - it's human nature at work.

  Clapton is God 29 Apr 11

... and whilst we're doing our pageantry better than anybody else our troops continue to be killed in Afghanistan.

Let's all stick our heads up our backsides for the day and pretend the real world's stopped happening.

Oh, and I'll throw a bit more of my taxpayer's money around in order to pay for this 'pageantry' in Westminster.

  Forum Editor 29 Apr 11

What a ridiculous attitude

Nobody has suggested that we should "pretend the real world's stopped happening", but to infer that we shouldn't indulge in a bit of pageantry now and then because we're engaged in a military action somewhere is plain silly.

You're entitled to take a negative attitude if you like, but when you try to justify it by making daft remarks I'm afraid you lose credibility. Next you'll be saying that we should have no public events of any kind if it involves public money or if we're involved in any kind of conflict, in which case we had better cancel the annual memorial ceremony at the Cenotaph right away, and forbid any further Battle of Britain celebrations.

The State opening of Parliament can go as well, as can Trooping the Colour.

Do away with all of it, so we can subside into the kind of grey mediocrity that we would deserve. Hardly distinguishable from those dull, downtrodden nations which struggle to find a sense of national identity we would finally make you a happy man. I feel deeply sorry for you, and thank my lucky stars that I don't share your dismal outlook on life.


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