15 technology tricks that are naughty but nice

  Proclaimer 13:08 05 Nov 10

Seriously, you posted this on the front page?

Hack Mobile Phone Text, multiple Facebook identities, Hijack someone else's Facebook or Twitter account...

What are you on PCA?

  Woolwell 13:27 05 Nov 10

Isn't against forum rules somewhere?

  jakimo 13:45 05 Nov 10

For the current issue

click here

  johndrew 14:24 05 Nov 10

I do believe you are advertising someone else's publication on this site.

PCA is click here

PCM is click here

  spuds 18:33 05 Nov 10

I looked at it, then saw that it was spread over many pages, then gave up.

  wolfie3000 04:36 06 Nov 10

click here

While some im sure are just a bit of a laugh, some are illegal and can be used for crimes like Cyber bullying,

I refer to 6. Hijack someone else's Facebook or Twitter account.

This has been used in the past for some of the most vile of cyber bullying and am disgusted the PCA would even mention this.

I would like to know the editors opinion on this, and why this article was even published.

  BT 08:43 06 Nov 10

I started reading this article but got fed up about halfway down the second page and gave up.
They are 'naughty' but certainly NOT nice, and shouldn't be encouraged.

  Proclaimer 10:16 06 Nov 10

Maybe the front page was Hi-Jacked and they don't know it's there...

  mr simon 11:29 07 Nov 10

I can see the reason with including things such as Jailbreaking iPhones or Android phones, which is perfectly legal, but I was absolutely amazed that the article then went on to explain how to intercept other peoples texts and also how to steal their cookies over unsecured networks.

Bloody stupid.

  Matt Egan 14:58 07 Nov 10

Hi all. I can see why that particular piece may cause a little consternation. We thought long and hard before publishing it, and decided that these are things that people do, and so long as we highlight the negative impact of each, it's legitimate - possibly even our duty - to report them. That said I do appreciate that it is not in our usual style and will categoriclly state that we are not encouraging anyone to partake in nefarious activities.

Matt Egan
Editor - PC Advisor

  spikeychris 15:48 07 Nov 10

Sorry Matt but that just doesn't wash. Printing 'Find yourself loitering in internet caf├ęs or airport lounges with time to kill? Why not hack into your neighbour's Facebook or Twitter account?' and flagging up ways of monitoring text messages from other phones is not your duty to report.

Caveats smaveats - sensationalist journalism with links.

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