£148 for an MP's fish and chips!

  ?-?-? 15:21 08 Aug 10

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Well done George. Much respect if this is an example of how you are, rather than a publicity stunt!

  spuds 16:49 08 Aug 10

Taking into view , this was a working lunch for some VIP's, the quotation wasn't all that bad. Had they all gone to an up-town eatery in the City, it would have cost far more, plus not forgetting the tip and taxi fare :O)

Perhaps the local chippy would have supplied for free, had they been granted 'By Special Appointment'.

  oresome 17:36 08 Aug 10

No doubt a publicity stunt.

Firms who undertake these PFI deals have to pare down the up front costs to win the business and then hope to recouperate their 'losses' on the extras provided.

Taking into account the hourly rate of the distinguished diners, the less time spent queueing in the canteen, the cheaper the overall cost to the taxpayer assuming they were doing something productive.

  johndrew 17:40 08 Aug 10

Possibly being slightly hungry may have sharpened their minds to a quicker and (perhaps) better solution/outcome to the meeting. They could then have made their own ways home and paid for their own fish and chips.

After all we are all being told we are all in the current situation together and looking after the pennies .......

  VCR97 18:50 08 Aug 10

It didn't cost the taxpayers £148. Read the article.

  ronalddonald 19:13 08 Aug 10

Publicity or politics stunt

  ronalddonald 19:19 08 Aug 10

what did the seagull say to thee chip, chips away

  karmgord 19:32 08 Aug 10

If delivered, they would have to have paid somebody to have rowed a boat across the moat.
:- )

  peter99co 23:19 08 Aug 10

I hope he keeps ferreting away at all the waste. It is also good publicity for him if he lets us know when he finds such appalling costs. (not the £148 but the millions hidden away still to be discovered)

  Covergirl 12:23 09 Aug 10

. . . rounds of sandwiches etc have been banned at my workplace for years due to the cost.

Unfortunately this may have put a few people out of a job.

Taken to its ultimate conclusion though, if we were all to boycott delivery services, that would no doubt put a lot of people out of work too.

However, good on you George!

  seefuu1 18:25 09 Aug 10

What's wrong with the good old pack lunch ?

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