10 Ways To Re-use An Old Person.....

  Big L 266 09:51 01 Jun 10


I'm poking fun at myself today and invite you to enjoy a little gentle humour at my expense today please.I do so because I need cheering up as my 'arfur' and 'fibro' are playing up and I want to invoke and instigate the bringing of some welcomed relief.(Yes I know you shouldn't poke fun at people with disabilities like me.Today is different!)

On the opening page of PCA there is an item headed "10 ways to re-use an old PC" and which continues "Your ageing desktop or laptop is more than capable of handling a number of new uses.Find out how to turn it into anything from a gaming rig to a home automation system."

My self-depreciating,self-poking humourous opening page of PCA would be headed "10 ways to re-use an old person" which would continue "Your ageing old-person is more than capable of handling a number of new uses.Find out how to turn it into anything other than a gaming rig or home automation system."

So in what way would you re-use this old person?

Big L 266

  Quickbeam 10:42 01 Jun 10

I jus' dun it on the satellite thread:)

  Big L 266 12:03 01 Jun 10

Hello Quickbeam,

Thank you for your link to the Tornados 'Jungle Fever'.Its one of my favourite 'B' sides! I'll get out my 'best of' and give 'The Ice Cream Man' and 'Robot Man' a quick twin-spin pop-picker!

Meanwhile I've got a date with a jacket spud - plastic buttons removed for 'elf 'n' safety reasons of course - with grated cheese!Deep joy!

Big L 266

  wee eddie 14:18 01 Jun 10

I have already been reassigned as my daughter's Banker of Last Resort.

Luckily the flat has only one bedroom or Housekeeper might have been on the cards as well.

Neither is really true, it just seems that way!

  dagbladet 14:25 01 Jun 10

Hire them out as infant sleep aids.

They can sit with youngsters who have difficulty sleeping and drone on interminably about how things were much much harder in the 'good old days' while at the same time everything was so much better.

Nothing too heavy about wars or working down t'pit and stuff. Just the usual, no tellys, no playstations, made our own entertainment, never had a bike, rode farmers horses/cows/pigs when they weren't looking, policemen administering 'clips around the ear'were respected blah, blah, blah. You know the thing.

  ronalddonald 14:58 01 Jun 10

Join the Gym and get moving

  ronalddonald 14:58 01 Jun 10

Pretend your 20 years old and do a wolf wistle

  ronalddonald 14:59 01 Jun 10

Pretend your 20 years old and do a wolf whistle at yourself

  spuds 15:38 01 Jun 10

Perhaps I shouldn't say this. Visit the local graveyard and read a few headstones, then think .....!!

  Bingalau 16:03 01 Jun 10

Stick us all back in the armed forces. We would be in our element there. Strict discipline; early rising (Belay the early rising we are up most of the night anyway). Give us all guns and send us crotchety old b....rds off to Afghanistan, nothing as dangerous as a crotchety old b....rd with a gun. (Yes I know all about Matelots reputations with guns "nothing is more dangerous"). We'd give 'em what for! Might save some of our youngsters for a better future as promised by the coalition government.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 01 Jun 10

Street control - click here (youtube)

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