10-10-10 ooher- what will happen today?

  jack 11:21 10 Oct 10

The same as what happened in 10-10-10[110]

oe 10-10-10- all the other centuries I guess
Nothing much
Numerologist will be running around how ever trying to convince us otherwise, ans of course the mentioned numbers apply only to Western Chrsitian Calendar any way.
If you are a follower of Jewish ,Islam, Hindu Sikh faiths it has no meaning what so ever.
Just thought I get that off my chest ;-}

  Chris the Ancient 11:37 10 Oct 10

Apparently, vicars are very busy with weddings and some registry offices are open as well.

  Kevscar1 11:59 10 Oct 10

Now I you could have arranged to say I do at 10secs past 10 past 10 then you would have had something to boast about.

  Quickbeam 12:13 10 Oct 10

there's more rubbish on it than an average Sunday paper has on Diana;)

  jakimo 12:16 10 Oct 10

Apparently, vicars are very busy with weddings and some registry offices are open as well.

I wonder if anyone has ever arranged their funeral to take place on these rare date combinations

  Quickbeam 12:19 10 Oct 10

I think I'll plan my funeral celebrations for 303030...

  Quickbeam 12:21 10 Oct 10

The Earth's orbit should have slowed enough by then for the 30 month year:)

  spuds 14:09 10 Oct 10

If our local newspaper is anything to go by, then there is a local young lad who fits into all the tens, and is going to have a great 'expected' day today.

I wonder what the odds the bookies would lay on a bet like that?.

  Forum Editor 16:07 10 Oct 10

to come in the twenty first century - next year (11/11/11) and the year after (12/12/12).

Then it's an 88 year wait until it happens again, but most of us will not be around to see it.

  BT 16:41 10 Oct 10

so what's new?

  Forum Editor 16:53 10 Oct 10

Nexy year's special date in this century's series is probably the most interesting.


for obvious reasons.

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