007 £2000 Pram

  Ex plorer 10:03 AM 28 Feb 13

I wouldn't want to put a baby in £2000 pram, the chances of it getting stolen must be high and the safety of your baby must be more at risk. £2000 pram

  chub_tor 10:09 AM 28 Feb 13

As it is being built by Aston Martin perhaps they can find room for a small batter and a Tracker

  Bing.alau 11:22 AM 28 Feb 13

For baby cricketers perhaps?

  Quickbeam 11:24 AM 28 Feb 13

Will it have the wheel spikes and bulletproof shield?

  Quickbeam 11:25 AM 28 Feb 13

...and the ejector seat function could be quite welcome with a really annoying brat!

  Forum Editor 11:28 AM 28 Feb 13

A family friend writes for The Times, and she reviewed this pram in yesterday's edition. She wasn't that impressed.

  chub_tor 13:18 PM 28 Feb 13

Bing.alau not only did I drop the y it seems I dropped the ball as well!

  wiz-king 16:32 PM 28 Feb 13

Does this go with the Norland nannies new training?

  Aitchbee 21:07 PM 28 Feb 13

I get a good opportunity to review 'babyloads' of prams 'n' buggies, when travelling on the bus [almost everyday]. Most bus drivers allow 2 prams on the lower deck ... I like 'making faces' at the tiny-tots ... it keeps 'em 'n' me amused ... and the young mothers always smile too :o]


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