Zoomstorm PC

  fallenarch 19 Dec 12

I have only had this pc since october this year not had problem since yesterday when it opens up on the screen all I am getting is this......... start PXE over IPV4 then goes to this PXE E18 server responce time out then PXE over IPV6. If I wait 2 mins starts up as normal would like some advice of what do I need to do to sort it out? thank you

  fallenarch 19 Dec 12

Hi Jock1e I am on virginmedia

  fallenarch 19 Dec 12

thank you i will try it see what happens

  Secret-Squirrel 19 Dec 12

fallenarch, I take it you're seeing this message immediately after switching on the PC and well before Windows starts. If that's the case then the PC is trying to boot using a network connection. When that fails, it eventually boots from the PC's hard disk and Windows starts normally. To rectify this, go into the PC's BIOS and check the "Boot Order". Make sure that network boot is the last item in the list.

If the thought of this makes you at all anxious then try phoning your PC manufacturer who should be able to talk you through it.


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