Zoo Tycoon 2

  mike1967 19:09 19 Mar 06

Has anyone got this game and is experiencing poor performance.
The PC I'm using is well above the min spec, and the PC is also used for much more powerful pc games so I know everything is working ok
Anyone got ideas?

  ACOLYTE 19:12 19 Mar 06

I have it and it works great,have you downloaded any new content?,and did it restart to apply it.

  mike1967 19:15 19 Mar 06

Do you have it on High Med or Low res ans I to play it on Low

  ACOLYTE 19:18 19 Mar 06

I have it on high res at 1024x768,i have most things turn on in the game,i must add that i have the extension packs installed as well/marine mania/dino digs.

  mike1967 19:20 19 Mar 06

Think you might be talking about Zoo Tycoon
I'm asking about Zoo Tycoon 2

Ive no probs with the original

  ACOLYTE 19:23 19 Mar 06

yeah your right lol,sorry about that i didnt think,i didnt get the second version srry(

  mike1967 19:24 19 Mar 06

No problems

  SG Atlantis® 19:44 19 Mar 06

we have zoo tycoon 2 and it runs fine.

What's the spec of your machine?

Have you updated the graphics card drivers recently?

  mike1967 20:03 19 Mar 06

2.66 Ghz 512 Meg Ram 64 Meg Graphics

All well above the spec required

No havent updated the drivers recently to be honest.

Might try it on the other PC in the house to see what happens

  SG Atlantis® 20:44 19 Mar 06

Anything running in background that's new?

Sounds like another bit of software conflicting with it. Disable any extra's in the background, leave the firewall and AV etc alone.

See if that helps.

64 Meg graphics sounds like it's onboard. Ever thought about chucking a few quid on a separate card? It would give you a performance boost, generally.

  mike1967 23:33 19 Mar 06

No the 64Meg Graphics is not an on board card it is a proper graphics card, yeah maybe not top notch but this game apparrently needs only a 16Meg one to function correctly, like I mentioned before I'm well above the specs with this one, I will check out wether something else running could be causing a problen though.

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