zonealarm upgrade need advice

  golfpro 12:01 03 Feb 03

I have been trying zonealarm (free version) now for a couple of weeks. So far everything has gone OK I think, My computer usage is not of the highest security need, and I don't access any dubious sites, (Kazar Ect.) I also run Norton 2002 AV and adaware, but these I find have their limits to detecting incoming items, yeh ok they can deal with them when they are there but !!! So I was thinking of upgrading but to which, Plus, or Pro,? or for that matter stay where I am. I would be greatful of your advice if you have done this already.

  MartinT-B 12:28 03 Feb 03

Standard Zone Alarm is great.

I don't bother with the pro version :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:37 03 Feb 03

If you are using a home computer you have more chance of winning the Lotto than being hacked. Hacking is all about passwords on networks ;-)) and if a hacker wanted to get past a firewall 'tooLeakey would be the proggie of choice (as well as 5 or 6 others) which even the Gibsonmeister admits that it can easily get past ZA. A sustained attack by Back Orifice from The Cult of the Dead Cow (incidentally these guys are mainly over 45 so scriptkiddiez they ain’t) would bypass a firewall. If a 17yr old Welsh hacker can get into the North American Missioledefence System and 100 other Top Secret systems then a firewall may not be of much use.

Most home computers (like mine) contain reams of waffle and drivel which may be important to the owner but naff all use to the great unwashed and it is hardly likely that someone will be interested in the latest attempt on Garden Designer or my shortcuts on Photochop 7. Bank account and credit card details can be lifted much, much more easily in other ways.

ZA or Outpost are excellent progs and there is no reason to upgrade to the ZA Pro version which, miraculously, seems to stop all the *ahem, ahem* ‘alerts’ in the free version. Keep your AV and ZA up to date and surf on regardless.


  golfpro 19:10 03 Feb 03

Errrrrrmmm Thanks!!!

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