ZoneAlarm Internet Connections

  shazza65 22:35 04 Dec 04

I currently run the free ZoneAlarm firewall but it keeps on blocking internet traffic after about an hour if I don't use my PC. I have set it to block traffic after 2 hours of non-PC use, however, this does not make any difference. I have to restart my computer and everything comes back fine. Does anyone know why this keeps on happening?

  Forum Editor 00:06 05 Dec 04

turn the Internet lock back to its default setting, which is 'lock when the screensaver activates'.

See if that makes a difference.

  shazza65 14:11 05 Dec 04

It used to do the same in that setting, hence I extended it to 2 hours, can't understand why I cant get it to reconnect without having to a restart.

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