ZoneAlarm and BT router firewall

  scales 15:48 29 Jun 06

I recently set up a BT1500 wireless router which has a firewall built in. I also have ZoneAlarm's free edition. It all works with no problems. I just updated the ZoneAlarm with the latest release and this reset all the alert logs. Now I have noticed ZoneAlarm is still showing some blocked incoming activity. Why is this? Why isn't my router stopping them before they get to ZoneAlarm? The overall number is down so it must be blocking some. Normally I just let ZoneAlarm get on with the job and block them in the background but I am curious as to why one firewall blocks things the other one doesn't.

  ade.h 16:28 29 Jun 06

1) Ignore anything that Zone Alarm(ing) tells you about "intrusions" and things like that.

2) Hardware and client firewalls are quite different in their functions.

"Why isn't my router stopping them?"

Because they are not a threat.

  scales 17:05 29 Jun 06

So what is the difference in their functions? I thought they were doing the same thing albeit one with software on your pc and other with software running on the router. Is ZoneAlarm just being paranoid and blocking more?

  scales 14:31 27 Jul 06

I update the ZoneAlarm again last night and since then the count in ZoneAlarm hasn't gone up so I gues the hardware firewall is doing all the work.
I tick this one now. Cheers.

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