karmgord 20:39 25 Apr 03

Zonealarm is giving me greif ,is there a better free firewall I can download?

  graham√ 20:44 25 Apr 03

Tell greif 'Windows'

  vaughan007 20:54 25 Apr 03

how is it giving u grief?

  howie100 20:59 25 Apr 03

Wot's the greif??

  Belatucadrus 21:06 25 Apr 03

Kerio 2, unlike other free versions it isn't cut down in any way and its got a good manual available to download. click here . On a standalone machine you won't need the manual, it's really easy to set up.

  Offline 21:20 25 Apr 03

click here The Sygate Personal Firewall, is excellent and free for personal use. The Kerio 2 mentioned by Belatucadrus I have also used in the past, it's easy to set up & gimick free.

  igram 01:34 27 Apr 03

I have a little grief too. On boot up Zonealarm kicks in and I cannot access my BB. So each time I have to switch zone alarm off, then dial in to the BB and once connected remember to switch ZA back on again. After that no problems even if I switch the BB off, I can go straight back in to the BB connection without switching ZA off.

Tried to sort ZA out to recognise the BB dial up, but no success. Any thoughts out there?

  hugh-265156 01:57 27 Apr 03

igram broadband is always connected what do you mean dial up??i have zonealarm with broadband.

  hugh-265156 01:59 27 Apr 03

go into zonealarm program control and click on programs make sure internet explorer has access.

  xalemo 06:36 27 Apr 03

I had pb with ZA too, was slowing down the pc not just internet. removed it and pb solved. I have installed tiny personnal it is ok, so far so good..

  hugh-265156 20:16 27 Apr 03

email from igram I know that BB is always on - but I shutdown the whole system when I am out (have this thing about power supplies going on fire etc) Consequently need to boot up 2/3 times a day and log on to the BB

thanks for the email keep posting here though as others can see it and reply.i always turn off the computer if im going out or not using it.has this only happened after you installed zonealarm?i know of others that have problems with their NTL cable modems and need to unplug the power and fire them up again to get working once or twice a day.what isp are you with?

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