zone alarm,true vector

  nikef 13:44 27 Nov 06

trying to install zone alarm but keep getting this message

setup is unable to log into the true vector services
install cannot continue without logging into the true vector service
please use the service manager to shut down the true vector services then restart the installler program

please can someone help me as i am only using win firewall at the moment,i need to get zone alarm on pc quickly

winxp sp2

  nikef 13:47 27 Nov 06

i have tried installing with the windows fire wall switched off too

  anskyber 13:51 27 Nov 06

Have a look at this particularly towards the end (page 2) click here

Have you had a previous version of ZA?

  anskyber 13:53 27 Nov 06

And here. click here

  nikef 13:56 27 Nov 06

yes i have had previous version of sa


  nikef 14:06 27 Nov 06

please,although i have read it ,this means nothing to me

not very good with pc ,could some walk me through it please

  nikef 14:23 27 Nov 06


  anskyber 14:37 27 Nov 06

One route suggested in the link is to do the following. I have not needed to do this myself so I cannot give authority to its success.
Start, my computer, double click your C drive and open program files.Delete anything to do with Zonelabs.

  nikef 16:22 27 Nov 06

thanks anskyber

i have deleted everything to do with z/a

and restarted computer,ran ccleaner and still no joy

  Stuartli 16:37 27 Nov 06



into the Run box (Start>Run) and click OK.

From the Windows Services panel that appears ensure that True Vector Internet Monitor service is set to Automatic (highlight the line and click on the menu to change if necessay and OK). Exit.

  nikef 16:56 27 Nov 06

thank you stuartli

there is no true vector in there all i could find was

windows firewall/internet connection sharing

and this is set to automatic

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