Zone alarm/avast conflict?

  yogaman 18:03 15 Dec 07

I'm running ZoneAlarm as a firewall and Avast as antivirus. Had no problems for months, but now everything (startup/internet etc)seems to have slowed down noticeably. I seem to remember getting a "conflict warning" a while back, but can't remember the detail. Just wondered whether anyone knows of such problems?

  tullie 18:28 15 Dec 07

I have Avast and ZA with no problems,have you checked for nasties?

  Julip 19:32 15 Dec 07

I too have both ZoneAlarm and Avast running with no problems at all. I am not aware of any conflicts or problems with them running in tandem.

  PalaeoBill 19:56 15 Dec 07

I have just applied the latest update to ZoneAlarm and am now getting the problems yogaman is describing. I too had been using ZoneAlarm and Avast without problem for months.

I downloaded and ran the zlssetup_70_462

  Sea Urchin 20:31 15 Dec 07

Looks like there could be problems?

click here

  spuds 20:43 15 Dec 07

There appears to be a possible problem with the latest updated version of Zone Alarm, some people have had troubles and reverted back to the previous version, which resolved the problem.

  Stuartli 00:10 16 Dec 07

I have both Avast! and ZA (latest version) - there is a warning that there could be a potential clash when updating ZA and you can choose to disable some transparency feature (in Avast!?)

Can't remember the exact wording, but I've had no conflicts during two or three years of using both together.

  PalaeoBill 16:42 16 Dec 07

It appears to be the ZoneAlarm SpyBlocker toolbar causing the slowdown. Why I don't know, but I backed out to the previous version and then updated choosing not to install the toolbar.

  yogaman 18:38 18 Dec 07

Thanks to all who replied - will try to revert back to the "old" version & see if there's any improvement.

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