heribierto 21:06 22 Mar 05

I have a Dell and I have ZONE ALARM 5.05 fully subscribed and running.
I purchased and downloaded ANONYMIZER 2005 and ANONYMIZER ANTI SPY.

No key is said to be necessary for the Anti Spy but ANONYMIZER 2005 was provided with a license key.

I have pasted the key into Zone Alarm to update but I get a box to say the key is invalid and to try again.

I contacted Zone Alarm who say that they do not support Anonymizer. Anonymizer Support team fail to reply to my messages

Any ideas how to get it running

  JonnyTub 21:59 22 Mar 05

I think you need to clarify your problem a little more. From what you say i'm guessing your attempting to put the licence key into zonealarm to allow the anonymizer program to run?

If so, what you need to do is set zonealarm up so that the anonymizer programme is allowed access to and from the internet. Add it to the allowed programmes list, someone else can advise on how to do this as i'm not a zonealarm user.

  Jak_1 22:08 22 Mar 05

Open Zonealarm contol centre by double clicking the zonealarm icon in the systray, go to program control and you will see the add program box at the bottom. Use that to get the anaymizer exe file and simply add.

Hope this helps.

  Jak_1 22:09 22 Mar 05

Whoops! Spelling mastook! Should read anonymizer.

  heribierto 22:35 22 Mar 05

sorry, cannot find the anonymizer exe. I know it is downloaded, but where is it I ask myself!

  heribierto 22:38 22 Mar 05

the print out which came with the download merely tells me to go into Zone alarm over-view panel; go to the change licence button and then paste in the new key - but that doesn't work

  JonnyTub 23:44 22 Mar 05

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ANONYMIZER 2004 USERS: If you use a firewall program on your computer, you must enable your firewall to grant permission to the following applications for Anonymizer 2005 to install and run properly:

Mixed messages there, it states it's for 2004 in one sentence and then 2005 in the next, go figure. I doubt the file names have changed other than the 2005 bit.

There's a couple of dead help links in their website and the onus for support placed onto other companies such as zonelabs, it makes me think somethings not quite right, but i may be barking up the wrong tree.

  JonnyTub 23:54 22 Mar 05

can you type what the printout actually say's here ?

  heribierto 08:10 23 Mar 05

I added the three Anon programs to my firewall on the first day when I received an alert to tell me of the situation.
The actual message received on downloading (with other info.) says:
INSTALLING YOUR LICENSE KEY. If a license key is listed above you will need to enter this unique codeinto your product to "unlock" it for general useage. For Zone Alarm and Antivirus Zone Alarm Pro and Zone Alarm Security Suite you will be prompted to enter this license key after you complete the license process and launch the product for the first time. In Zone Alarm and Antivirus. Zone Alarm Pro and Zone Alarm Security Suite. open the OVERVIEW PANEL, then select the PRODUCT INFO tab and click the CHANGE LICENSE button. COPY AND PASTE your license key into the first field; the license key will automatically expand to fill all fields. Finally click OK to save your license key.

It stresses the importance of PASTING the key to avoid errors.

I have done all that but when I press OK I get the box which tells me the license key is invalid and to try again. I DO!! with the same result

  Yoda Knight 08:22 23 Mar 05

Sounds like a piece of s#@$ software from an equally s#@$ company.....

  JonnyTub 17:27 23 Mar 05

I don't understand how another company can issue a licence for for zonealarm (this is the way i'm reading it).

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