Zone Alarm vs F-Secure

  Giddygum 23:54 19 Oct 05

Have Zone Alarm as firewall and F-Secure as anti-virus.

Ever since the most recent updates (August & October) of Zone Alarm the computer freezes at boot-up. The problem only seems to stop if either Zone Alarm or F-Secure is shut down, so obviously there is a software clash (despite computer press' reviews to the contrary). We know that it is not a hardware problem as we have 2Gb RAM and FX-55 processor.

Is there anything that can be done (perhaps in the settings) so as to stop this problem?

Have tried to contact Zone Alarm but without success.

  phil46 01:25 20 Oct 05

Have you tried switching off Anti-virus monitoring
im Zone alarm,never come across this one before but i use AVG Pro.

  rawprawn 08:34 20 Oct 05

Revert back to the old version?

  961 09:16 20 Oct 05

I bought F-Secure after good reviews in many of the computer mags and all went well until I tried to install an updated version of Zone Alarm which I have used for several years

The Zone Alarm update would not install, saying that it had detected F-Secure on the system and the two programmes would not work well together

I e-mailed the F-Secure technical help and was given a work around that proved pretty impossible to understand never mind implement

I consulted the Zone Alarm forums and found pleanty of evidence of the conflict which had been ongoing despite, from all accounts, the efforts of both manufacturers

The work around that I eventually stumbled across that you may care to try, is to uninstall F-Secure from your system on each occasion that you wish to update Zone Alarm. Once the updated Zone Alarm is installed you can re-install F-Secure. The other bit of advice is to disable the e-mail checking of F-Secure or Zone Alarm because this seemed to me to be the bit of software that causes the problems

However, I have to say that, like me, you may find that all this faffing about is a bit of a nonsense, and my long term superfix was to uninstall F-Secure and use Avast (free version) instead as a virus checker

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