Zone Alarm v AIM

  oldbeefer2 20:16 17 Oct 05

I have set up video conferencing with my son, but when I try to connect with him he gets a message that there is a problem with my firewall. If I disable Zonealarm, I can connect. ZA help tells me to go to Security/setup and Access to allow the connection. Total muppetry perhaps, but I cannot find these tabs on my ZA Free. Any help would be appreciated. Richard

  scotty 20:39 17 Oct 05

Finding your way around ZoneAlarm is not very clear. There are tabs down the left hand side - Overview, Firewall, Program control etc. There are also tabs at the top right hand side - for Program control you have a choice of Main and Programs. I suspect you need to go into this Program tab, find your video conferencing program and give it the required permissions. The program will have a green tick, a red cross or a blue question mark. Left click on the symbol and select tick.

  oldbeefer2 22:13 17 Oct 05

Thank you. For AOL IM all the ticks are green. The help page talks of different tabs 'security, settings' etc . These are the ones I can't find and which 'help' says gives specific access to IM programs.

  oldbeefer2 08:44 18 Oct 05


  feb 09:00 18 Oct 05

Hi oldbeefer2

are you both using the same firewall?

  oldbeefer2 10:00 18 Oct 05

Feb - no, my son is on Mac using iChat - not sure what firewall comes with that. I have found that I can add an IP to the Trusted Zones in ZA - perhaps that is the way to go. Still don't understand the ZA help page though.

  feb 10:47 18 Oct 05

Have you got the latest version AIM 5.9, you can get it from here, the rest might be worth a read aswell.

  oldbeefer2 12:36 18 Oct 05

feb - from where please?

  BH34 12:57 18 Oct 05

Try this click here

  feb 13:19 18 Oct 05

sorry about that click here

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