Zone Alarm - settings for network

  laser sailor 11:46 29 Mar 05

I took the plunge and set up a wireless network over the easter break, and it all worked straight out of the box BUT how do I configure Zone Alarm to let the two pc's talk to each other ? I've put in both PC IP address' into the relevant section as well as the network "range" of three IP address'onto both PC's. Its definately Zone Alarm since when I turn it off the sharing works ok.
My router is a Belkin 54g and OS on both PC's is XP

  igk 13:22 29 Mar 05

I take it you have disabled win xp's own so called firewall on both pc's? also I don't understand what you mean by "the network "range" of three IP address'onto both PC's"! this should happen automatically,you just obtain the ip address of each pc then enter this in the trusted zone of Zonealarm ie:pc A's ip address in the trusted zone of pc B's Zone alarm and viceversa.hth.

  laser sailor 14:47 29 Mar 05

Yes to the Windows F'wall. In Zone Alarm you can add a range of IP address', I assume to cover a network. The Belikin has an IP address ending in "1" and the other two have the same address but one ends in "2" and the other "3"

  igk 15:35 29 Mar 05

I use version 3.1.395 of ZoneAlarm (old I know but had problem with an upgrade once)in it there is a section labled Firewall where you can add trusted ip addresses (not an ip range)for your pc's also you could put in the ip address of your router (I found I had to do this)your ip addresses for your pc's should be something like last one changes ie 06.07 ect) with the router probably just put those in.You should also see in the trusted zone your ethernet card details (ip address and subnetmask address (this is usually should be already in your trusted zone as its done automatically.hth.

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