Zone Alarm (Free) V available

  rawprawn 08:16 09 Nov 04

Just in case you are not set to auto

  Shorty123 08:27 09 Nov 04

I installed it last night then spent a long time uninstalling and reinstalling the previous one - I could not stop it loading at start-up (which I don't want it to do, since the version 5s it has caused problems). Tried to disable it through reseeker, joy. Finally reverted to previous version. Anyone else had problems?

  Stuartli 10:33 09 Nov 04

Why not simply go to ZA's Overview>Preferences tab>General and just uncheck Load ZoneAlarm at Startup?

It's also worth choosing to check for updates Manually despite the dire warning...:-)

  StuPC-2004 11:26 09 Nov 04

Does this new version work any better?
Since they released the major update on the free version I've switched to Sygate because it was causing me so much hassle - SoulSeek and other programs just would not work with it...

  Stuartli 11:35 09 Nov 04

I've been using the free version of ZA for four or five years and update it as necessary.

It's been through Windows98, 98SE and now XP Pro for the past 14 months (including SP2) and has worked exactly as intended, including 5.062.000.

However, correct configuration plays the usual important role.

  Tick Tock 11:37 09 Nov 04

I have had nothing but trouble with last 2
updates now giving kerio free a try.

  Mark-323050 11:44 09 Nov 04

I had problems with ZA 5+ until I installed XP SP2 then all seemed to fall into place.


  Shorty123 14:35 09 Nov 04

Thanks for that!

StuPC-2004 - I too have had trouble with last 2 versions after years trouble free, but if I load it manually after start-up its fine.

  Tenacious Green 15:39 09 Nov 04


Have installed the update, when I visited Event Log Viewer later on regarding an application hang I had I noticed at about the same time of install 2 x True Vector errors. Whilst i understand that this is a zone alarm issue I have noticed from other forums on the subject that most errors occur at startup. I have had no errors at subsequent startups (3 in total) and all seems to be working fine. Anyone else experience the same?

  rawprawn 16:13 09 Nov 04

I have had no problems at all, infact I have persuaded myself to upgrade tp Zone Alarn security Suite, which again seems to be running no problems. I really only posted this incase their were some members who did not know about it, so I will now tick it as resolved,

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