zone alarm configuration

  freefx 12:38 02 Jun 04

3 networked pcs working fine until son updated the zone alarm from the internet.

reintalled zone but now it protecting the host pcs from the other 2 from using it....cant remove the protection..............
any one may know how to reconfigure zone?

  LastChip 13:02 02 Jun 04

Are you using the free version or Pro?

The free version will not support Internet connection sharing, or are you referring to the fact, you can't share files among the PC's?

  freefx 13:48 02 Jun 04

free i said have used it for last few years

  freefx 13:48 02 Jun 04

free i said have used it for last few years

  freefx 13:50 02 Jun 04

have used it to share the internet before until this morning.os xp pro

  Rogerfredo 14:00 02 Jun 04

Are the two PCs still in the "trusted" zone?
(Look at zone alarm on each PC)
Are the IPs still correct?

  LastChip 14:21 02 Jun 04

The latest free version has ICS inhibited, presumably to make you buy the Pro version.

When your son updated it, he killed off the ICS sharing facility.

  johnsims 14:32 02 Jun 04

Uninstall ZA Ver 5 and reninstall Ver 4.5.
Version 5 is buggy in the extreme. Go to Zone Labs user forum click here and click on support, then user forum. Loadsa problems.

  freefx 15:37 02 Jun 04

version is 4.5.538.1.description says it is Zone Alarm Pro........thought i had the free one all this time???

Cant understand why i uninstall the updated version, reinstall the version that i originally had in the pc, and it does work now...sharing the internet that is.

The three pcs still able to communicate with each other that is fine..just the internet soon as i take off the zone alarm........all is fine again.

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