Zone Alarm and AVG

  eedcam 05 May 12

Installed the late Free ZA firewall and AV unistalled AVG using uninstaller and and yet ZA still says Conflict .On checking AVG still showing in add/ remove programmes but no choice to remove? how do I get rid of AVG . though I think probably better to get rid of ZA its not worth the hassle

  eedcam 05 May 12

That was Revo Uninstaller Iunstalled AVG with Not windows useless one

  john bunyan 05 May 12

I mentioned this on this thread. Try PCTools if on XP, use W7's own if on W7. Other Thread

  eedcam 05 May 12

Yers I saw that thread John which is why I went for ZA again cant find Pc tools firewall is it free and I'm XP Any ay conflict resolved by using avg removal tool though still shows 11 AVG entries in windows add/remove

  eedcam 05 May 12

OK found the PC tools one will give that atry bloody ZA the pc is on 100% CPU most of ther time

  john bunyan 05 May 12

I may be out of date - not sure if PCTools do a free firewall now, as they used to.

  morddwyd 05 May 12

Best solution for me was to re-install an the older version of ZA.

I am always very wary of updating ZA. Shouldn't be but it is so good and I'm so familiar with it that I hesitate to dump it.

  eedcam 05 May 12

OK Trying Pc tools sofar so good and working ok with AVG again


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