Zone Alarm 5 and XP Pro SP2/RC1

  0006 20:12 28 May 04

Has anyone else tried to run Windows XP Pro SP2/RC1 together with the latest Zone Alarm Pro update (5.0)?
I am interested to know as it's brought my machine (Athlon 2400XP with 512MB ram, 1x80GB + 1x40GB HDD) to a grinding halt. 1mbps Broadband ADSL connection? forget it...dial-up was faster.
The (truly irritating) Firewall built into SP2 also ignores the ZA update and turns itself back-on everytime I reboot, which hasn't helped.
I've uninstalled ZA 5.0 now, returned to ZA 4.5 (594) and everything seems rosy.
I've done all the latest AV scans/Spysweeper etc, so I'm sure it's not that.
Anyone anything similar to report?

  ahales42 20:42 28 May 04

I had probs with za5 too. could`nt get into my online game. went back to 4.5 and all ok. will wait until all the probs are sorted before upgrading again.

  Mathieson 21:08 28 May 04

I had similar problems.Some web sites caused system crash. Ctrl-alt-del would not restart windows. reverted to 'Zone Alarm 4.5

  johnsims 23:07 28 May 04

There are a large number of issues with ZA5 in all versions it would seem. Go to the Zone Labs forum click here and you will see that the consensus is that you should go back to build 4.5 until they fix the bugs.


  badgery 07:06 29 May 04

I updated to 5 and would now like to revert to the earlier 4.5 as suggested - but how do I do this?

  MartinT-B 10:00 29 May 04

I'd advise dling the old version from click here

Then uninstall the current version then install the old 4.5 version.

I keep everything I DL from the web in a folder in My docs I have 8 versions of ZA (incl the current 5.5)

  rawprawn 10:28 29 May 04

I am running XP Home SP2, and ran Zone Alarm Pro V50.590.015 for a couple of days with no problems. I have since reverted to ZA free version 50, still with no problems

  Mathieson 12:59 29 May 04

'Zone Alarm 4.5 is on PC Advisor DVD july 2004

  badgery 07:42 30 May 04

MartinT-B, Mathieson.
Thanks a lot.

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