Zone Alarm

  Bald Eagle 18:20 01 Dec 03

For some reasom Zone Alarm disappeared from my computer. I re downloaded but it is a newer version 4.5.530.000. I followed it's setting up section which included confirming my e bay password (something to do with a new fraud protection service). However, every time I now visit I either get an alert saying my computer is trying to send a clear password via IExplorer.exe or more puzzling IE is trying to send my e bay password to Angloinfo. This happens every time I change pages on the site. Nothing happened when accessing this site! However, I am automatically logged into Angloinfo. Running XP. Any ideas how to stop it doing this?

  Bald Eagle 18:23 01 Dec 03

I have Adaware, spybot and spywareblaster.

  A_World_Maker 18:42 01 Dec 03

ermmm.. I think you have been the recepient of a scam.. I dont think any company will ask you for an ebay or any other payment password as confirmation, other than the company itself.

Where is the 'alert' being generated? ZoneAlarm?

  TOPCAT® 20:59 01 Dec 03

page of the ID Lock feature? You can open the ID Lock tab and click on Help at the top right of ZA to read all about it and what it does. As I'm using ZA Pro, I'm assuming, of course, this latest feature is included in the free version. TC.

  Bald Eagle 21:02 01 Dec 03

It is a genuine ZA alert. It stops the password being sent. It's what is it on my computer that is making the request?
When I downloaded ZA and it did the setup it did this new thing to protect passwords against fraudulent use. This is the link from ZA :-
click here

  Djohn 21:08 01 Dec 03

Yep! Bald Eagle is correct. I downloaded Zonealarm last night and during the install I was asked if I used ebay and if so, did I want to set up a secure password? Don't use ebay so clicked on no and installed as normal. j.

  Djohn 21:09 01 Dec 03

Sorry, forgot to say, I'm using the free version.

  Bald Eagle 21:15 01 Dec 03

Can't see this ID lock feature so assume even though it talks about it it isn't active on this freebie.

  Bald Eagle 21:17 01 Dec 03

Having read Djohn will wipe and reload ZA. Will be quickest in the long run.

  VoG II 21:21 01 Dec 03

Uninstalling ZoneAlarm is not as straightforward as you might think click here

  Mike ® 21:30 01 Dec 03

Hey i've learnt something today, hadn't noticed ZA had this feature.

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