Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6 Sound Card

  Charence 22:38 23 Jan 05

I have a Zoltrix Nightingale PRO 6 sound card installed and the microphone doesn't seem to be working properly with MSN. When I do the Audio Tuning Wizard, it seems to be working properly but when I attempt to have an audio conversation on MSN it will say connecting for a long time then display a message saying "The Audio conversation has ended". I have checked that alol the computer's MSN work, so this computer must have a problem, but I'm not sure what is wrong because no problems occur during setup.

Any replies much appreciated!

Thank you, Charence

  hugh-265156 23:46 23 Jan 05

i have the same problem using msn messenger for voice chats even though its set up correctly so i use msn for my webcam and also run skype at the same time for the audio click here this works well.

  Charence 12:42 24 Jan 05

Does anybody have any other suggestions?

An error message is displayed saying there's a problem with the network connection. I've checked my network and it seems to be running fine.


  Senile Syd 13:51 24 Jan 05

If you have BB, Logitech's VideoCall is excellent if a bit pricey. My wife and I enjoy long chats with our grandchildren in W. Canada thanks to a very intuitive interface and problem-free service.

There's a 30-day free trial. click here

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