vassos 22:04 18 Jun 11

I have been hijacked by zMoth. On both my Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox home pages, where I have had Google, I found myself with zMoth pornography. I have managed to clear it from IE using tools and the home page required page. However, this method is not working with Mozilla. I follow the steps logically and the porn stays resolutely on my homepage. It is driving me nuts. Please, how do I get rid of it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 18 Jun 11

make sure its unistalled first

%appdata%\zMoth\ Application\uninstall.exe

Run something like CCleaner to get rid of unwanted files and use the rgistry tool to clean the registry.


then try and reset the home page.

  vassos 22:55 18 Jun 11

Not well up on this. How do I uninstall it if I can't find it on the PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 19 Jun 11

Start - Run (Search)


%appdata%\zMoth\ Application\uninstall.exe

press enter

this should uninstall it if its there.

  joseph93 11:23 19 Jun 11

Hi - I have same problem and this run command did not find the file - any other suggestions?

  frankpetrov 19:19 10 Aug 11

That's because this, %appdata%\zMoth\ Application\uninstall.exe is wrong. I have just had this same exact issue for whatever reason, but, it's not just zmoth. there are other programs with it as well. Anyway, As someone else had said, get ccleaner. install it and use it. before you do, go into it's options, and change the sweep from normal to guttman(35 passes). It makes sure 35 times that its gone. It'll clear out your temp folder for you which will help. but still. Next step, go into C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Roaming\ In here, you will find the programs zmoth, babylonan(or something to that effect, I forget as I had already rid of it), and possibly some more. If it looks like or sounds like a program you don't use or haven't heard of, chances are high that its not and that it needs deleted.

  wee eddie 21:54 10 Aug 11

Remember to remove your Restore Points.

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