ZIP Problems

  duplo 18:02 20 Jan 03
  duplo 18:02 20 Jan 03

What would cause a disk to need formatting after it has been working fine.

I use a Zip 100 USB for my University work data and this is the second time I have had it tell me that the disk is not formatted. I have been using this disk for a few months now, during christmass it came up with this message, so I formatted it and then put all the data back (I keep a copy of my data on a separate partition). Now its happened again. Could it be a bad disk?


  duplo 18:04 20 Jan 03


Should I formatt in FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS. I run XP Pro and 2k Pro?

  Wak 21:26 20 Jan 03

I have a Zip 100 drive and the zip-discs I buy are already "PC-formatted" so I don't think it matters what kind of formatting your PC uses.
I imagine that the Zip drive uses it's own kind of format.
Incidentally, I have a small prog (49KB) which tests your Zip discs for faults. I'll send it to you if you wish to E-mail me.

  duplo 21:54 20 Jan 03


Sorry for this late reply. How should I e-mail you? Also... whats it called, could I download it?


  VoG™ 22:02 20 Jan 03

To e-mail somebody, click the envelope icon by their name.

Please use this function sparingly!

  User-312386 23:55 20 Jan 03

it does not matter what you format zip discs in as it is allways in FAT regradless of what system you have

Zip drives are made this way as then all system can read them

I would do a full format on them and NOT a short one


  DieSse 00:44 21 Jan 03

You should do what Iomega say, and use their own format utility

click here

  Wak 10:23 21 Jan 03

The program is called tip.exe but I can't remember where I downloaded it from.
Sorry, just found it.
It's from click here.
Hope it helps.

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