zip files?

  zaz 20:39 16 Jun 03


someone has sent me a file that ends in '.zip' so I presume it is a zipped file :-)

How can I tell which programme I need to open it - and even if I have the programme on my pc ?? My pc wont open it!



  graham√ 20:48 16 Jun 03

Can you double-click on it? If that doesn't open it, try an evaluation version of WinZip click here

  zaz 20:51 16 Jun 03

how do I know if my pc has Winzip or not?? Is this the only programme that will unzip files?

thanks - Zaz

  graham√ 20:53 16 Jun 03

Operating System?

  powerless 20:53 16 Jun 03

What operating system have you got?

If you cannot see the files in the zipped file then you do not have winzip.

  zaz 20:55 16 Jun 03

Thanks but Winzip dpoes not appear in the operating files.

Could there be another programme that the sender is assuming I have??? and that will unzip it?

Is Winzip a normal part of Windows 2000?


  graham√ 21:13 16 Jun 03

What happens if you double-click on the file?

What happens if you download and instal the evaluation version of WinZip, right-click on the file and click 'open with WinZip'?

  Belatucadrus 21:20 16 Jun 03

Try Zipcentral, free to use no limitations click here

  Jester2K II 21:21 16 Jun 03

A Zip file is a file containing one or more other files.

Files are zipped in order to compress (shrink) them or to keep many files together.

The container file is a ZIP file.

Windows Me and XP support ZIp files but others don't.

If you have another OS then you need a 3rd Party tool like WinZip (there are others) to open the file.


  -pops- 06:00 17 Jun 03

Expanding on what Jester2K II wrote, zip files - and other compressed file types have been used for spreading of viruses and other nasties. Make sure you pass the file through your anti-virus.

Personally, zip files go straight in the bin unless I am absolutely certain of their provenance and I am expecting them.


  zaz 06:25 17 Jun 03

thanks for the help - I know its not a virus cos its a work file but the IT guys are insisting I can open it!

I shall report back that they have forgotten to install an unzip prorgamme on my pc! Nice to get one over on them for a change!

I always rely on you here to help me out!

great stuff.


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