ZIP Drives

  Jackcoms 10:56 28 Oct 04

Dell Dimension 8200, XP + SP2.

The PC came supplied with an internal ZIP drive and a couple of 250mb ZIP discs.

I regularly backup up 'Everyone's Documents and Settings' using a single ZIP disc. Until now, for 4 users, that's about 235mb which fits onto one disc. Today, however, the backup has grown to 282mb. OK, so I used both discs.

I'm just about to toddle off to my friendly local PC shop to buy another ZIP disc. Can I buy a 500mb disc or does the fact that the PC was supplied with 250mb discs mean that this is the maximum capacity my drive can take? Dell handbook doesn't help!

  djwheeler 11:43 28 Oct 04

Would presume that it is a 250mb drive if that is the media that cam with it. It should say what drive it is either on the front of the drive or under My Computer in Windows XP. Don't think that 500mb media exists as Iomega currently only have 250mb and 750mb zip drives.

  Jackcoms 11:58 28 Oct 04


Thanks - easy when you know how!

Yep, found it in Device Manager - Iomega ZIP 250.

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