Zip drive cleaner?

  LAP 10:58 06 Apr 04

250mb zip drive, which i think requires a clean.
Any ideas where to purchase a zip disk cleaner? Thank you.

  LAP 18:10 06 Apr 04


  MIke 18:40 06 Apr 04

Been using my zip drive for 6 years without cleaning it! Never seen any cleaning discs. Have you chercked the Iomega website?

  Belatucadrus 19:51 06 Apr 04

click here seems they do exist, but Australia seems a long way to go, I can't however find a UK stockist.

  edstowe 19:55 06 Apr 04

How is it telling you it needs cleaning?

I have been a long time user of Zip disks (not any more, though) and never even contemplated that they may need cleaning. Certainly there was never any indication that cleaning needed doing either in the performance of the drive/disks or any other way.


  LAP 19:09 07 Apr 04

The zip drive is used by my wife. It appeared to be accessing the disk slower than it had in the past and as she was expecting delivery of a new computer I thought I would get a disk cleaner ordered for her. (grovel points)

The problem has now been cured the wife's computer arrived late yesterday afternoon. The zip drive now works like new. So you good people who replied are correct, 'it didn't need cleaning'. Thank you..Lap..

  edstowe 19:33 07 Apr 04

Glad you're fixed up and everything is working OK!

  dogtrack 17:19 09 Apr 04

if you do want a cleaner for your Zip, for future use. PC World stock them under the "PC LINE" label.
Barcode number:- 5 017416 069083 >

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