Zip Disks

  howard64 15:04 PM 27 Jul 11

I have been asked to check that there is nothing personal on some zip disks before they are got rid of. Can anyone point me at a free prog that can read such disks?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:23 PM 27 Jul 11

You will need to install the Zip drive on your PC

  howard64 15:30 PM 27 Jul 11

the zip drive works fine on w7 but I need a prog to read the disks

  mgmcc 15:33 PM 27 Jul 11

If they are being "got rid of", why not just physically destroy the disks?

Zip disks were used in conjunction with Iomega's dedicated disk drives.

  Woolwell 16:15 PM 27 Jul 11

If the zip drive works then you shouldn't need a special program to read the contents. The files will be as other drives. Reformat several times should destroy the data. But the best option is destruction.

  wee eddie 17:00 PM 27 Jul 11

Best to stick each one in a Vice and break it in half.

  Confab 13:18 PM 28 Jul 11

A reformat will not destroy the data. You need a program that will overwrite the drive, preferably several times. CCleaner can do this for you (under the Tools section)


  wee eddie 15:42 PM 29 Jul 11

Just destroy them

  howard64 17:00 PM 29 Jul 11

thanks all I will destroy them


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