Youtube download no longer possible?

  rickf 10:46 13 Oct 12

I have been using final video dowload to capture youtube videos to my h/d. beeen working perfectly until recently. it just can't download anymore and my laptop freezes after trying. has this got anything to do with google taking over youtube? have tried other software as well but just no go. have you had the same problem. the same thing with my desktop. i'm running windows 7.

  BT 17:54 13 Oct 12

We use Youtube Downloader Basic which works OK

Download from

YouTube Downloader

  rickf 18:02 13 Oct 12

Does not work for me. Tried others as well and it seems that Google/Youtube has blocked downloading due to possible infringements of copyrights. Google the prob today and lots of people are having the same difficulty.

  rickf 18:04 13 Oct 12

BTW, Pcadvisor site is at a snail's pace!!

  Forum Editor 18:05 13 Oct 12

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  rdave13 18:11 13 Oct 12

I've been having problems with the YouTube site. IE keeps freezing when typing in the search box on the site. It will recover the tab and eventually get there. Same happening with Firefox and on another PC running XP. I use aTube Catcher and that downloaded successfully. I'm running Safari now and it seems ok on this browser. Not sure if it has something to do with the latest updates.

  lotvic 18:23 13 Oct 12

Not just me then with the Browser freezing problems, I'm using Firefox and getting freeze-ups and taskmanager showing 50 to a 100% CPU usage.

  Eargasm 19:40 14 Oct 12

@rdave....... I was having the same problem with Youtube freezing, although it did eventually recover, It seemed to start after last weeks Windows updates.... It turned out a nVidea Graphics card update sorted out the problem for me.

  lotvic 20:13 14 Oct 12

Browser update seems to have cured my probs, am now using FF16

  Zeppelyn 00:47 15 Oct 12

Working fine for me using IE9 and

  lotvic 00:54 15 Oct 12

Apparently YouTube did some alterations middle of Sept and lots of downloaders had problems after that. My FFox Download Helper needed to be updated before it would work properly.

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