Is your tesco mail so slow it's almost going backwards?

  Debe 18:36 29 Jul 11

I use Tesco mail online. Today it seems to have slowed up to such an extent that I can do very little with it. Is it just me ? I don't seem to have a problem with any other web pages. Thanks

  TheBigBloke 18:17 01 Aug 11

Yes, It's terrible at present

  Andiej 16:23 03 Aug 11

I'm getting really fed up with it, it takes about 5 minutes or more just to delete a message, we've been using it for years and never had a problem with it but this is ridiculously frustrating!

  Debe 18:03 03 Aug 11

I thought it was just me! I have had it for years and it has been great but now it is so slow I'm thinking about ditching it :(

  Andiej 18:44 03 Aug 11

Ironically, I've just been on it again and it was fine, long may it last!!!!!

  Andiej 01:22 05 Aug 11

I can't get onto it at all tonight, keeps saying there's an unreturned error and to ret again later which I have done several times. I'm so glad I don't use this e-mail address for work as I'd be stuffed if I did! I have a horrible feeling may not be going for much longer :(

  Debe 08:45 05 Aug 11

Andiej same for me, still can't get in this morning and have so much I need in there Oh help!

  Debe 08:47 05 Aug 11

Just checked on Tesco website and mail has a red dot for DOWN :(

  Debe 08:48 05 Aug 11

E-mail status Below is a description of the service status of the E-mail service.

Serious fault or a service is down.

Title Date/Time Details E Mail and Webmail 01/08/11 @ 12:16 Tesco Internet customers may be experiencing intermittent problems accessing their E Mail. Please accept our apologies and retry accessing later, as the fault causing these issues is currently under investigation. Customers may also be seeing a delay in receiving some mails sent since Monday 01/08. Tesco Internet apologises for any inconvenience caused.

  VladimirK 04:57 06 Aug 11

I noticed this too.

Only I've had a additional layer of trouble now. I was getting the same as you guys but yesterday I got back in and all my mail and folders had been deleted. It's irritating to think of some of the stuff I had in there but now it's gone and I can't even find anything else about why. I had the really important backed up but then I had stuff about various preorders for stuff and that sort of thing. This is literally the only place I've found it mentioned so far.

Plus currently it seems to be completely dead, so I've actually just started changing everything I was registered with the Tesco e-mail to a more current e-mail. Don't know why I've not done it sooner, not used Tesco for my internet in years plus it's an awful mail service anyway.

  Green54 12:50 06 Aug 11

I am also experencing slow email, it's almost like a blockage.

I contacted by phone for technical help & there is a recorded message saying that they have had some serious issues with the system since Aug 1st. They are aware & have engineers working on it.

Just a shame they don't post something on their website.


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