Your profile could not be opened correctly

  fanshaw2 19:02 06 Jul 12

Keep getting this on screen message. How can I resolve the problem>

  lotvic 20:07 06 Jul 12

Have you shut down and then rebooted the pc? this sometimes clears a 'faulty start'

What OS have you got? XP, Vista, W7? and which browser?

Is your problem the same as this person's?

  fanshaw2 20:34 06 Jul 12

I have Windows 7 and have also rebooted, but makes no difference. Even to arrive at this forum I had to negotiate the above message first.

  lotvic 21:27 06 Jul 12

I can only presume it is your Chrome profile that you mean. If so then you are not on your own and Google haven't fixed it yet. There is a 'fix' involving deleting or renaming a couple of files. Suggest you google for fix and try them out. (Too long to copy and paste into here)

  lotvic 21:14 07 Jul 12


  rdave13 21:18 07 Jul 12

The only fix I read was to uninstall Chrome, profiles and all, then reboot and install the latest version and start again. Might be worth using Revo to remove it.

  lotvic 21:24 07 Jul 12

Have you tried this ClickHere yet? there are some fixes you could try.

  rdave13 21:29 07 Jul 12

lotvic, I dislike that "auto Google search" app. I always think it is insulting to the TS (OP). Just my thoughts.

  lotvic 21:55 07 Jul 12

rdave13, I agree in principle, however the TS (OP) had started another thread asking for update without any feedback on the advice already given so thought I would help with the google search. No offence was intended, quite the reverse, I thought it would raise a laugh.

  rdave13 22:08 07 Jul 12

lotvic I know no offence was intended especially from your good self. Still....

  lotvic 22:19 07 Jul 12

rdave13, Oh dear then, hope I'm not in bother for suggesting to another forumite that they check the Obits column because he's getting a screen message 'Identity Login. There is no current Identity'

Now I think I'd better apologise to fanshaw2 for hijacking thread to post trivia and go and give myself a severe talking to...


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