Your opinion on this computer

  websurfowen 10:03 01 Apr 06

I am just about to buy this computer off the net. Its cost only £59. #
Do you think its sensible to run windows xp if i upgrade it from 2000

PIII-1.0GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 20GB HD, Windows 2000-Professional COMPAQ ENL Base Unit

All i want this for is browsing the net and word processing. Nothing fancy

  bremner 10:13 01 Apr 06

Yes it will do what you want.

Why do you want to upgrade it?

If all you want is web surfing and word processing 2000 is more than capable.

  ACOLYTE 10:15 01 Apr 06

It should run xp,it wont be lightning fast,but for what you plan to use it for it should be ok.Adding more ram may be a good idea as xp is very ram hungry.You will need monitor/keyboard/mouse, as i dont think it comes with those,or does it?.

  websurfowen 10:20 01 Apr 06

I am buying the base unit. I already have a windows 95 computer but i very slow. I basically want it for the children to use to connnect to the internet. I dont want them clicking on adverts and downloading spyware. Just to be on the safe

I am going to use the monitor and keyboard & mouse of the 95 computer

Do you think its a good price, £59

  Diemmess 10:22 01 Apr 06

Stay with 2000 on this computer, unless or until the OS goes upset and you don't have a valid 2000 installation disk.

I use 2000 and feel it is under rated.
Far better than ME, though it doesn't have all the frilly bits of XP. it is very close to that OS and far ahead of what came before.

It has many drivers within it and is altogether a more stable program than its forebears.

  ACOLYTE 10:23 01 Apr 06

Price looks good but for £100 more you can get click here

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