Your opinion about my site

  wiz33 21:38 03 Sep 03

I have asked your opinion before and after taken your views on board and especially the Talented Monkey advise I would appreciate if you could check my web site and give me your views again.

click here

Please note that most of the accommodation links do not work. Will be added later.

Please be brutal as you want. I will not get upset but I will take it as a constructive advise.

Thank you

  Foolsbane_1 23:51 03 Sep 03

Nicely understated! I like that! Top banner area looks a lttle sparse. Needs a powerful eye-grabber of a logo! The overlapping photos are nice and deserve more prominence.

My one serious niggle is that the links table is rather obviously much wider than it needs to be. 23:58 03 Sep 03

until the pop-up appeared with the word "Flash", when I immediately closed the window. This is only my personal opinion, and I am sure many will disagree with me, but three things that really put me off any web site are: Flash, Frames, and Music in the BGrnd.

Sorry, but as I said, the site looked great until then. Good luck, Whiz...

  Foolsbane_1 23:59 03 Sep 03

... you might want to get someone to give the text a little attention. click here

  Forum Editor 00:16 04 Sep 03

for clients I probably spend as much time editing their text as I do on designing the pages themselves.

Well-written and grammatically accurate text is as important as anything else when it comes to showcasing/promoting a business on the Internet, but not everyone has the time or the expertise required. I find that most people would rather get on with running their business, and leave the text editing to someone else.

Your site is looking better (it's good to see that data protection statement) but the text does need some work, as Foolsbane_1 suggests.

  Cams 15:58 04 Sep 03

Looks very professional to me; I like the roll-over nav buttons down the left, and the pages load really quickly too!

BTW, we went to Rhodes on our honeymoon last October and had a great time! Browsing your site took me back...

  phoenix_one 22:03 04 Sep 03


"but three things that really put me off any web site are: Flash, Frames, and Music in the BGrnd"

Hey thats my site ur describing 23:19 04 Sep 03

Sorry, must be getting old!

it would be a good idea (IMHO Where H=humble)to Fix the width of the left hand column so the navigation links dont get covered up when the browser window is resized.

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