Your my only hope

  golfpro 13:48 22 Aug 06

I've Googled till I'm blue in the face, but with no luck.
I'm looking for a mobile phone synchronizer between MS Outlook and my Sony Ericsson T630 mobile for contacts, calender etc. Either free or share wear does anyone know of any.

  Pamy 14:38 22 Aug 06

dont know anything about it but found this on here

  beeuuem 15:06 22 Aug 06
  golfpro 08:04 23 Aug 06

Thanks for the replys, however XTNDConnect software is no longer suported by Sony Ericsson, so I will have to look elswhere.

  wee eddie 09:03 23 Aug 06

Does Sony say that they are compatible.

Much of Sony's stuff is designed to work, only, with their own products!

  mgmcc 09:38 23 Aug 06

From the T630 section of SonyEricsson's website:

Sony Ericsson Communication Suite 1.1.1

XTNDConnect PC for Sony Ericsson is a free software application that enables you to synchronise your contacts, calendar, and tasks between your Sony Ericsson mobile phone and Microsoft Outlook.

click here

  golfpro 11:21 23 Aug 06

XTNDConnect PC was available on the phones installations software disc as well, but XTND was sold out to another software company two years ago and since this time no longer a free download. Yes it is still shown on the SE web site, but it does not run when downloaded (just shows you how often they update their web site).
You can still buy XTND from Extended Systems .com, but its quite expensive, and for what I need it for, its not worth it.
Funny enough I still have it on my old PC, but I don't know how to transfer the program onto my new one.

  daxian 11:27 23 Aug 06

use the old pc to transfer the stuff you need to...then save it to disk and move it to the new pc .....!!!.just an idea ..Dave.

  James. 14:42 23 Aug 06

I downloaded it from the U.S. site and it ran okay on my PC, try getting it

click here

Hope it works

  Radix Lecti 15:17 23 Aug 06

How about MobilEdit. Will it do what you need? (click here)

  golfpro 17:04 23 Aug 06

I downloaded it from the U.S. site and it ran okay on my PC, try getting it

Yeh it downloads OK but when you try to connect your phone with BT,IR or cable it will not recognize it, so you can't configure. Try it and see.

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