Your Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail is closing. You need to upgrade now

  Diemmess 21 Jul 13

So goes the message in my inbox repeated 5 minutes later

It looks Kosher, colours, text, logos and source, except that by these messages I should have been unable to use the BT Yahoo for a month! I have made no changes nor have I had any difficulties with email. With email particularly I do not make changes unless I really must.

Is this just a polished bit of phishing?

  Secret-Squirrel 21 Jul 13

It's almost certainly a genuine e-mail but you can check here to be sure.

  lotvic 21 Jul 13

BT's customer page about changing to new bt email click here

  Diemmess 21 Jul 13

Spurred on by your favourable comments I clicked where told and immediately had File Blocked Phishing ahead A clear label to go back all prettied up with a Google Chrome logo.

Perhaps I am safe because I use Google Chrome as browser, btinternet is my provider.

Repeat that what bothered me was the date of Mid -June when if not updated I would have no email service.

  lotvic 21 Jul 13

Diemmess, I can hardly believe you clicked on a link in an email you were suspicious about... If you had checked out BT links - Secret-Squirrel's and mine - you would have been able to check the email (and the links in it) properly.

  Secret-Squirrel 21 Jul 13

"Spurred on by your favourable comments I clicked where told"

Before you clicked, did you first check the address of the link as mentioned in that BT page I provided earlier?

"what bothered me was the date of Mid -June when if not updated I would have no email service."

How do you manage your e-mails? Is it with an e-mail client (such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail) or do you instead use a web browser (such as Chrome)?

  Diemmess 21 Jul 13

OK I accept that opening the original was not a wise act.

Any other suspicious mail is deleted unopened or occasionally to the spam folder till I'm certain it is not genuine

What I failed to do was look at the sender's address first. The tell tale was the sender name - [email protected]

I was impressed by the really genuine-looking BT pretty logo and background.

I use a browser, Chrome and that blocked it.

  morddwyd 22 Jul 13

It's noy spam.

I was changed to the new system without clicking on anything.

I posted about it

click here new system is dreadful.



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