You Tube videos

  Rhuddlan 15:56 03 Feb 12

Whenever I try to watch videos on you tube they are always buffering and when eventually do come on they play for about 10 seconds then buffer again. My broadband connection is meant to be 8mb and i'm only down the road from the exchange. The internet seems fine just you tube videos. And sometimes I get the broadband light on the momdem flashing orange and a page appears saying can't connect to broadband just for a minute or two. I use the net on my laptop and samsung galaxy tab. The laptop connected to the momdem and tab wireless and sometimes laptop wireless depending where in the house I am. Any ideas?

  ams4127 16:18 03 Feb 12

Do you get this problem when connected to the modem by wireless, cable or both? What make of Modem? What make of Laptop? What OS? What ISP?

  Rhuddlan 16:28 03 Feb 12

Both wireless and connected to modem only for the past week. Modem is BT Home hub 2.0 so I'm with BT as my ISP and laptop is compaq and I also have a samsung galaxy tab which I use for internet use wirelessley


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