you tube keeps stoppin

  mothercranky 18:55 15 Jul 07

am trying to watch some glastonbury films on utube, its really frustrating because i only get a couple of seconds then it stops to catch up with itself - plays another couple seconds then stops.........

is there a way i can zoom it up to play the whole thing? i paused the play to see if it would catch up while i waited but that didnt work either ;o(

  Totally-braindead 20:29 15 Jul 07

It sounds as if your internet connection isn't fast enough, pausing it should work I think I don't know why it doesn't in your case.

  mumto4 11:59 17 Jul 07

I am not sure if this response is helpful to you mothercranky but when I had the same problem I emailed youtube and one of their technical guys said that this problem occured when there was a lot of people using the site. Perhaps try at a differnet time?

  wee eddie 12:04 17 Jul 07

Good call there.

If you try at a busy time of day, their site may be receiving a considerable number of hits, also, your connection to the Net may be significantly slowed by the number of people sharing your line.

  uesquebeathus 12:33 17 Jul 07

I would also suggest that in many cases it is not realized how much this type of computer activity puts on the power/size/quantity of the CPU, Ram, and Graphics Card, the better/more you have in the computer, the better the data can run as it should, ram 1Gb, or more especially with Vista 2Gb, 256 or 512 graphics ram and definitely not shared ram for the graphics.

  mothercranky 13:10 17 Jul 07

thanks everyone x

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