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'You have xx days left to register...' !

  AngeTheHippy 17:35 19 Dec 04

Hi Chaps, little annoyance I don't know what to do about. My PC was returned to Evesham a couple weeks back for MB change. They also re-installed XP. Well, that's fine with me, except each time (day) I power up, I get the little balloon from the sys tray telling me 'you have 15, 14, 13-however many days left to register windows'. As soon as I click on the balloon, I get a small blue window telling me 'you're already registered'!!! I'm highly confused. I called Evesham who suggested I ring M-Soft. Which I did... 4 TIMES. Their support has been taken way out of the UK area, and it wasn't always easy to get the message across exactly WHAT was happening. I gave up in the end, and called Evesham again. I strongly suspect that when I get to 0 days left to register, I'm gonna be locked out - I told Evesham this, who suggested I wait until that time to see what happens. Doh!!! Any clues on this? Has anyone encountered this before? I'm being told one thing via the balloon message, then getting the exact opposite when I click on it!! Appreciate any help with this one.


  crx1600 18:25 19 Dec 04

are you being asked to 'register' or 'activate'?

id of thought registration is optional, but with 'activation' you will have limited use of the PC after the 30 days are up.

  ACOLYTE 19:27 19 Dec 04

Did this happen before the mobo change? if not you could argue that eversham caused the problem so it should be up to them to put it right.As the mobo is a major part of the PC it may be you needed to reactivate xp as the parts have changed since last time it was activated but eversham should have done this when they reinstalled xp not leave the job half done.
just my opinion I'm sure others will have theres.
Another thought is, if they reinstalled xp did they use the same serial key as was on last time,might make a difference.

  AngeTheHippy 00:45 20 Dec 04

I've just powered down then up again to get the exact message that appears. It is: You have 10 days left to activate windows'. When I click on the message, I get the small blue window saying: 'Windows product activation' along the top, then: 'windows is already activated'. Dunno what to do about this really,


  georgemac 08:32 20 Dec 04

in 10 days your pc will be unuseable so you have to get this sorted pronto.

I think this is evesham's responsibility.

click here activation info

click here will let you see what product key evesham have used when xp was reinstalled - should be the same as the one on the case sticker

click here how to contact microsoft UK - this may be the best route for you to take.

  anchor 08:57 20 Dec 04

Evesham have a dedicated PCA forum contact. I have forgotten it, but I am sure someone will remember it, and hopefully post it here.

Obviously this is something that must be resolved ASAP.

  anchor 08:59 20 Dec 04
  BT 09:17 20 Dec 04

I have had a similar problem with activation of XP. I bought a new ADVENT PC from PC World 3 weeks ago and chose to 'activate later' on initial boot up as I wanted to get the Internet security software installed first.Since then I have been unable to access the activation option.I have had no reminders at all since then. Would the activation have been done automatically when Windows update has been accessed or was it done when the software was installed at the factory. I just hope everything doesn't come to a sudden halt in a weeks time!

  Andsome 09:56 20 Dec 04

One of the penalties of buying a computer from these company's. As far as I'm concerned you cannot beat buying from a local computer builder.

  AngeTheHippy 11:53 20 Dec 04
  georgemac 12:19 20 Dec 04

the key used should have been the same as the one on the box - unless evesham have installed another oem license because the motherboard has been changed - but you should have been told because you may need to reactivate in future if you do a fresh install of xp

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