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  dabthoms 25 Mar 13

I am running the latest version of IE. But many websites I visit, including YouTube give me errors saying I'm not using the latest version. Here's YouTube's error "Alert! Your browser is not supported by YouTube and it needs to be updated. It's not just YouTube, many sites give similar errors. Windows says I am running 10.0.9200.16519.

Here's is more info from YouTube:

"You are using an outdated browser, which YouTube no longer supports. Since some features on YouTube may not work, you are viewing a lightweight version of the video page."

Why is this happening?

  lotvic 25 Mar 13

It could be that IE10 has switched to compatibility mode so now YouTube thinks it is an older version.

  Zeppelyn 25 Mar 13

Web sites simply give this message as they have not yet updated their code to support IE10, its they who are behind the times not IE10 so just use compatibility mode till they catch up.

  northumbria61 25 Mar 13

Had this on Firefox today so looks like it isn't just an IE10 problem

  Bris 25 Mar 13

Just tried YouTube on Firefox, IE9, Safari, and Dragon and all work OK on this PC.

  dabthoms 25 Mar 13

Well done lotvic, you got it in one! As soon as I unticked that box that message vanished. Incidentally it also solved the one indicating that my video player was "too small" to play some videos.

  lotvic 25 Mar 13

Lucky guess on my part, glad it sorted it :)


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