Yorhost, my domian has stopped working

  James106 23 May 12

I have two domains registered with Yorhost. One of these stopped working a couple of days ago. Emails I have sent to Yorhost have been unanswered, their LiveHelp is off-line and their telephone line is closed. I fear the worst!

Due to my current experience I searched the web today and found that back in November 2011 others had a similar experience. I found nothing more recent than this.

My main question is what do I need to do to get the domain that is now not working working again and what should I do about the domain that is at present working. I guess I need to find a different ISP. My memory from the last time I moved ISP's (in 2004) is that I would need bits of information from Yorhost to do so. What would happen if I can't get this?

  spuds 23 May 12

You could try http://www.nominet.org.uk who might be able to offer some advice?.

  James106 23 May 12

Thanks for that. Very helpful. I've been told by Nominet that the domain has been suspended as its not been renewed. My choice is to get Yorhost to renew or find another ISP. I don't see any prospect of Yorhost doing the renewal. Any recommendations of an ISP would be most welcome.

  spuds 23 May 12

Different people have there own preferences, but I have used 1&1 http://www.1and1.co.uk for many years without having problems, with regards their services.

They also remind subscribers about 6/8 weeks before a domain expires, so that it can be renewed. Payment is automatically taken for renewals, unless you inform them that you do not want to retain the domain, and then perhaps let someone else have the domain for future use (safeguard?).

  Woolwell 23 May 12

I am sorry to bring you bad news. I have just discovered that Yorhost is the new name for webmania which I think went bust. About 18 months ago I had major problems with webmania with the renewal of a domain name. They didn't answer e-mails or letters and the phone wasn't answered. To transfer the hosting of the domain name I had to get a transfer form completed to get the tag on the domain name removed. I got the form from nominet and sent it to webmania. No reply from them at all in spite of prompting. It was only a small amount of money and I wrote off the domain name and established a new name and account with a reputable company. I regret that I do not hold out any hope that you will be better off.

  Teddie5000 08 Aug 12

I have had two new customers this month request help with moving a .com domain away from Webmania. I have written a blog article here on how to do it:

Nominet is easy (.uk)

ICANN (.com .net etc) is much harder.



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