SANAP 11:24 20 Apr 03

I am going to be in Ireland(Southern) from this May this year for a year or two and they ie ESAT AND EIRCOM have finally got round to providing Broadband in the West, where I will be but there is a snag, a) it is not cheap, about £34.00pm and

b) there is a dwonload limit of 4gigabytes and 5 gigabytes per month depending who you choose.

I like downloading music, films, free software and normal surfing, ie newspapers, magazines but have no idea of how much I download per month. Is there any way I can measure what amount I download each month as these companies are going to charge extra when I exceed my limits. It might be cheaper albiet slower to go for dial up.

Help please?


  cream. 11:33 20 Apr 03

Lucky so and so for even getting a sniff of broadband. In this area of the U.K. at last count there were 28 registered interested people for the service. Not much chance I think for me. lol

Are you sure those are the download limits, even at 5 gig a month thats only 166Mb a day. Enough for 2-3 audio tracks?

  Installer. 11:36 20 Apr 03

Tick click here will give usage/projections and more, it's freeware.

  Installer. 11:41 20 Apr 03

"even at 5 gig a month thats only 166Mb a day. Enough for 2-3 audio tracks?"
Must be very large Mp3's TVI, my tracks are between about 2/7 meg's each ( dependent on compression) .

  SANAP 13:27 20 Apr 03

Many thanks for software link and yes it is 4 gig or 5 gig, needless to say 5 gig is the dearer at £37.96 but this could be very expensive if I keep exceeding the limit. The charge is then about 1p per megabyte.

I will monitor for a month and see where it gets me. Like everything in Ireland nothing is as it first appears. Watch the news for complaints when users get caught.


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