Yet another which digital camera should i get post

  grabster 15:09 21 Feb 04

yep,afraid so,ive been looking through previous posts on which digi camera to get and started thinking there must be a definative site i could browse to get the info i need.
I know where to go for info on DVD players,Audio HIFI, TV etc.. but where does someone looking for a cheapish ideal family camera start ?

  TheTerminator 15:25 21 Feb 04

seeems to be an extensive and exhaustive website which i have used for several years.

  TheTerminator 15:25 21 Feb 04

seeems to be an extensive and exhaustive website which i have used for several years.

  hugh-265156 15:39 21 Feb 04

very detailed reviews click here you can also compare the pics taken with different models and print them to test.lots of info,great site.

  grabster 15:47 21 Feb 04

Thanks for the links,thats me off for the weekend now so i think i'll get a cold one out of the fridge and rest my weary butt and do some research.

  hssutton 16:10 21 Feb 04

Not forgetting of course. click here

  Sheila-214876 16:45 21 Feb 04

You could also try click here

  961 18:27 21 Feb 04

The sites suggested above are all good

Always buy for the lens

Canon Zeiss Nikon

I have Canon Powershot but the companies that have produced top notch optics for the last 50 yrs are the ones to go for as DPReview will confirm

  grabster 20:11 21 Feb 04

Thanks for the input everyone,and i thought choosing a dvd writer was confusing .
If any one would like to offer an opinion on a £100-£200 model i would be grateful,i suppose i have typical family needs where most pictures would be for e-mail purposes and any print out's would be done in my local high street,i see adverts for fifty pix for a fiver so i would probably use that option as my epson c42plus probably wouldnt quite cut the mustard for photo printing.

  TommyRed 22:23 21 Feb 04

You could try the Fuji A204 which may be the A205 now. 3X optical zoom, better than digital zoom which uses up your pixels. I'm not a camera buff but 2Mp is fine for me with the optical zoom, a great point and shoot camera as well. It cost me about £160 but I'm sure you could get it cheaper try click here I've just had a look and the're doing the A205 for £99.00 on a weekend deal. Also look at what size card you get with the camera, the Fuji's come with 16Mb which I think is a minimum. Other cameras only come with 8Mb which would mean having to buy another card and pushing the price up. HTH TR

  britto 01:43 22 Feb 04

amazon advert on right has a canon a60 for £99.99 get it while you can. allow for extra card and batts/ here and click here

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